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Modules for particle measurement

Modules for particle measurement

Diesel exhaust particle counter - modular particle counting - "Modules-in-Flow" - type approved sensor technology

For customers who want to build their own particle counter, we offer a functioning sensor assembly. It can then be installed in its own housing with corresponding, matching electronics, etc. The concept “Modules-in-Flow” gives you the possibility to build a PN-counter with your own housing and periphery.

The Modules-in-Flow assembly is mounted in a flexible arrangement on a base plate in coordination with you, this resulting basic assembly is fully functional and can then, equipped with the appropriate electronics, a housing (e.g. with display) can be built up very quickly and easily to a complete PN counter. We explain the included modules in detail below. Parts like housing, display, probe and sampling, power supply, pump etc. can be requested optionally.

The measured values as well as the statuses of the sensors are provided via a RS232 interface (CAN on request) for further processing.

The size of the base plate and the arrangement of the modules are subject to functional limitations, but we will gladly discuss these with you.

Example arrangement of modules-in-flow

Type-tested sensor technology

The sensor technology was subjected to type tests in Holland (NMI) and Germany (PTB).

Choice of modules

Volatile Particle Remover (VPR)

The Volatile Particle Remover (VPR) removes the volatile components in compliance with the law with an effectiveness close to 100%.

Charging module

Ions are generated in the charger module, which then charge the particles at the mixing point with the exhaust gas. The mixing chamber is integrated in the charging module.

Ion/Particle Separator

The separator can be operated with different voltages, so that, on the one hand, ions can be left (e.g. for the function test) or separated, but also the particle size distribution can be determined.

Sensor module

The very low currents through the charged particles are measured in the sensor module. Maximum sensitivity and robustness are no contradiction. All our components can be cleaned with compressed air, liquid or a brush, should something go wrong during the measurement.



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