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Gas analysis

OEM sensors - ready-to-use analyzers - individual devices

Here you will find specific application examples for our developments in the field of gas analytics. The different technologies, sensors and analysers enable detailed gas analysis for a wide range of applications.

For example, in medical technology, research or Clean Room monitoring. In addition, the products for gas analysis are used in environmental analysis for waste incineration, soil remediation, emission measurement or soil air monitoring. In the industrial sector, our OEM sensors and ready-to-use analysers are used for quality control, process monitoring, refrigerant monitoring or in coal mines and DeNOx systems. In agriculture & biomass, KNESTEL solutions are also used e.g. in crematoriums or for the measurement of microbiology in soils or stable emissions. Customers in the mobility sector also benefit from KNESTEL products, for example in the automotive industry (for dynamometers, catalytic converter testing, engine development, catalytic reduction or mobile emission measurement) and marine industry (scrubbers – exhaust gas cleaning).

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