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Precision analog measuring module

Precision analog measuring module

Precision measurement module for flexible measurement of current, voltage and temperature

The aim of the project was to develop and manufacture a precision measurement module that enables the
simultaneous measurement of power, voltage and temperature with a connection to EtherCat and/or CAN-BUS.
When using bidirectional intelligent resonance converters in combination with a buck converter bridge that
acts as a boost converter in bidirectional direction, it is necessary to determine values for voltage, current and
temperature very precisely, quickly and independent of temperature.
These analogue values must then be converted precisely and quickly into digital values and passed on with
low latency times. In addition, an important requirement was that the measured values are stable to temperature
changes. The development is intended to replace individual measuring modules with a cost-effective
combined instrument that measures power and voltages. Further modules, such as for temperature measurement
(PT100/PT1000) and a module for EtherCAT communication, are optionally available. Depending on the
requirements, the measuring device can be configured flexibly. Communication to the control software is via
CAN bus as standard or via EtherCAT for particularly low latency times.

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