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PN Reference calibrator PNR 1000 K

PN Reference calibrator PNR 1000 K

Calibration of exhaust gas particle sizers

Particulate measurement as part of the main inspection for Euro 6/VI vehicles with compression ignition engines will come into force on January 1, 2023. The counting of soot particles as an integral part of the exhaust emission test of diesel passenger cars. This is associated with specific requirements for the calibration process and conformity assessment for particle counting devices, according to the AU device calibration guideline [VkBl. 11/2021-No. 131]. In addition, VkBl. 24/2020-No. 190 requires the calibration of exhaust gas measuring devices by a service provider accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. We offer you a market-ready reference calibrator that meets these requirements.

PN Reference calibrator

The Knestel PN Reference Calibrator can be used to calibrate PN instruments of all types on site. It combines a highly stable salt generator and a reference particle counter in a portable housing.

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User Manual & FAQ

Here you can download the operating instructions for the device and find answers to frequently asked questions.

No power supply

Check voltage supply

Power switch off

Switch on power switch

Power supply unit defective

Manufacturer service

Temperature too low (blue thermometer symbol is displayed)

Temperature adjustment within specified operating temperature

“Self test error”

Contact Knestel for latest Software Updates


No NaCl solution available

Refill NaCl solution and screw in

Blocked nozzle

See next chapter

Generator does not start

Check whether the solution in the NaCl container is “bubbling”. If not, restart the device, check whether the measuring mode is active.

Nozzle of the salt particle generator clogged

Perform flushing function repeatedly

Clean nozzle as in next chapter

Clean (ultrasonic bath) or replace the nozzle of the salt particle generator.

Perform the rinsing function after each use!


Check for leakage at the hoses and at the silica container.


Check NaCl solution,
Check tightness of screw bottle,
Check tightness of hose lines and silica container

No/wrong NaCl solution present

Check NaCl solution, refill and screw in


High humidity, condensing atmosphere

Perform temperature adaption prior to operation

Assure no condensing conditions

Let device operate at any concentration as long as required to reach the correct particle size

Contact Knestel for latest product updates

Rinsing function was not used at last operation

Perform rinsing function after each use

Indication for Software issue

Contact Knestel for latest Software Updates

If the malfunctions cannot be corrected, please contact For a quick response please also take pictures of all status screens (see 6.3.2) and the system parameters (see 6.3.4)

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