Fast, fair and precise measurement technology for the shooting sport

Fully automatic ring and divider measuring machine

The ring and divider measuring machine DISAG RM-IV developed by us is equipped with the SAM 4000 and RM-III
(European Patent No.: 0463 566) has been incorporated. In addition, possible improvements were introduced by more modern technology.
The DISAG RM-IV is backwards compatible with the SAM 4000, which means that older programs that have supported the SAM 4000 up to now can also work with the DISAG RM-IV. The machine is sold exclusively through DISAG International. There you will find further information, evaluation software and support for the measuring machine.

Sales partner for the DISAG RM-IV is the company DISAG International.
At www.disag.de you will find all products and support for the extensive range of products in the field of shooting sport.

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