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Particle counter

Particle counter

Diesel Exhaust Particle Counter - ready-to-use particle counting - Made in Germany

The project objective was to develop a particle counter for exhaust gas measurement on Euro 6/VI vehicles with compression ignition engines. The particle counter uses clean-charging technology and is designed to charge clean air, so there is no contamination of the corona needle. The needle can also be easily changed via a service opening in the non-calibration part. The measurement of the particles takes place contact-free by means of Faraday Cup. Of course, the device complies with the PTB-A specifications and can therefore be used throughout Europe without any concerns.

Baumüstergeprüfte Sensorik

Die Sensortechnik wurde Baumusterprüfungen in Holland (NMI) und Deutschland (PTB) unterzogen.

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White Paper

Unser White Paper zur Thematik Partikelzählung an Diesel Fahrzeugen und mit mehr Details zu unserer innovativen Clean Charging Technologie.

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