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optical measurement systems

Object measurement, object recognition and object tracking of any kind

Wireless camera system for the measurement of distances, spatial and tilt angles

The project objective was the development of a highquality, high-precision, wireless measurement system with the associated evaluation software for wheel alignment at different vehicle types.
A user-friendly, innovative software, as well as the highest possible degree of flexibility and accuracy of the measurement technology formed the framework for the project.

Wireless camera system, optical measurement technology

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areas of application

areas of application

Headlight adjustment device with two camera systems and touch operation

The project objective was the development of an electronic measuring system for measuring and evaluating headlamps for vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles) in test centers and workshops, but also for quality assurance of headlamps at the vehicle manufacturers. Another requirement was the possibility of data storage and the output of an archivable measurement protocol.

Headlamp leveling device

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Areas of application

areas of application

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