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Kick-down NOx measurement

Kick-down NOx measurement

Kick-down-NOx Measuring instrument for the analysis of NOx - Concentrations in the PTI environment

The measuring instrument, which was developed for kick-down NOx measurement, contains the CLDmini NO sensor as well as further
components for sample gas conditioning, control and data evaluation. From the pump to the ozone destroyer and a display for operation, everything is integrated to perform a location-independent and fast measurement. This allows easy handling and flexible use.

"Kick-down NOx" measurement method

A kick-down is the rapid, complete depressing of the accelerator pedal starting from idle up to the speed limit. With our “Kick-down-NOx” measuring device, the NOx emission of vehicles can be determined quickly and independent of location. All that is required is a warmed up vehicle, attaching the probe to the exhaust and performing three kick-downs at idle. By determining the peak values of the NO concentration and averaging these three values, a reliable statement can be made about the NO concentration, which is at the same level as in the classic, continuous measurement, e.g. on the test bench.

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White Paper

To download the white paper about the Kick-Down NOx measurement method simply click here