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Research project on the preservation of meat products

KNESTEL has been in intensive dialog with colleges and universities for many years, so innovation projects in cooperation with various chairs in Germany are created again and again. Through these projects, we are constantly expanding our technical horizons and creating attractive projects for students in cooperation with us as a corporate partner.

We are currently collaborating with the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology at the Technical University of Munich on a research project to optically investigate the shelf life of meat products. Our sensor is being used for CO₂ measurement in modified atmosphere packaging for meat. It is hoped that the research project will provide valuable insights into the shelf life of meat and thus reduce food waste. In addition, the research work has shown that the sensor is suitable for the general analysis of MAP packaging. We are pleased about the cooperation!

For more information on past projects and our collaborations, please visit Research & Development (R & D)!